About Dynur

What are we up to?

Every company starts with a problem. We choose a big one, the exploitation of animals for human use and consumption. No, we didn’t patent a genius feat of science and engineering to change the world’s addiction to meat (someone's already doing that), but we did create some super-fly clothing to help children and families express their compassion for exploited animals and make a statement that these animals deserve to be respected, not served.

We’re focused on children not only because how much more fun they are than adults, but because we believe compassion is something we’re born with and we want to help kids hold on to, and carry, their compassion forward throughout their lives. When your child wears Dynur, they’re making a statement that we don’t have to accept society’s normalization of animal exploitation and that it’s possible to shift the baseline back in the direction of compassion.

Born in Sweden and raised in Philadelphia, Dynur strives for quality (Swede’s have a knack for that kind of thing). All of our items are hand sewn in Philadelphia by Nina (Dynur's founder) using 100% organic cotton fabric sourced and printed locally in northern New Jersey. Our prints are designed in Sweden by Nina's sister Ann. We keep the environment in mind in everything we do including using only water based inks in our manufacturing process, keeping chemicals out of our water systems.

We’re not perfect, but we’ve got vision, will always look for ways to be more sustainable, and give back more with our profits.

A note from our founder

Hallå, thank you so much for your interest in Dynur! Growing up in Östersund in northern Sweden, I was a huge animal lover...I quite literally couldn't hurt a fly. But despite my overwhelming love for animals, I never made the connection between what I was eating (Swede's eat a lot of meat) and the animals that had to suffer to produce my food. No one ever talked about it. It wasn't until I was 22 that I became a vegetarian and I didn't become a full vegan until I was 24. The lack of knowledge that I had growing up is one of the main reasons why I started Dynur. Being the animal lover that I am (and I believe most children are), if someone would have showed me what is involved in the production of meat, I would have made the move to go vegan much earlier in life. Through Dynur I hope to inform kids that all animals, including those that we typically eat, deserve compassion and to fight against our desensitization of the horrors of animal agriculture. 



It is a tough subject, especially for young children, and I hope by focusing on the celebration of animals typically caught up in agriculture, we can help kids choose a vegan lifestyle in a fun and positive way.


The Photoshoot

We are so grateful to photographer Mike Hrinewski for taking the photos, to Skylands Sanctuary for letting us be there for our photoshoot and to the Acieno family for being models and helping us! <3