Vegan Family of the Month: January (Click on the photo to read the full article)

This month we have the pleasure to introduce Aimee, a 25 year old, charming woman living in Perth, Australia with her husband and son, Jason and Frederick, their dog Tiger and cats Max and Lulu. Aimee is running a vlog channel where she shares health and beauty tips, thoughts on everyday life (and its struggles), as well as her incredibly beautiful, intimate and inspiring relationship with her family. Personally, I love her vlogs because of the authenticity and unfiltered truths she shares with her followers. 

Q: Why did you decide to go vegan and what was the transition like?

I had wanted to give it a go many years ago but didn't know where to start, I watched the documentary Earthlings and from that day I cut out meat and dairy. The transition I actually found pretty easy! Meat was super easy for me to remove from our diet and after finding really good alternates for dairy we replaced those. Frederick still struggles with a few items but is doing very well for a 2 year old child.

Q: Is there much of a vegan community in Perth?

Surprisingly there is, I am in a couple Facebook pages for vegans in Perth and also vegan parents in Perth which definitely help when you need it. I also have noticed a growth in businesses in Perth that are vegan friendly throughout the year and ½ I have been vegan.

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of raising a vegan child?

Definitely one thing is making sure Frederick is getting everything he needs. He had
become fussy with his food for many months and it was a struggle but these days he is enjoying so many good enriched foods.

Q: How about the best aspect(s) of raising a vegan child?

Frederick has always been a lover of animals and loves even helping the little bugs that make their way into our house to go back outside to their families.
Going to the shops and Frederick says “no cows milk, its for baby cows”

Q: I’ve noticed you call your family “Plant Based” instead of “Vegan”. Is there any particular reason?

We would prefer our family to be called plant based as Jason isn’t fully 100% vegan, he calls himself vegetarian but eats minimal animal products. Unfortunately with his job (he flies away for 6 days for work) they don’t have many vegan options for him while he is away.

Q: Do you ever feel judgement from others when they hear that you are raising your child vegan?

Personally I haven’t really received any judgement for raising Frederick as a vegan, which I find very lucky especially being somewhat someone on social media.

Q: Even though Frederick is still very young, do you talk about why you don’t eat meat and dairy? If so - how do you communicate that to him?

Even with Frederick almost being 3 we definitely talk about it, he understands why we don’t drink cow’s milk and is slowly understanding why we don’t eat animals. I have taught Frederick by saying to him “we don’t eat friends and animals are our friends”

Q: How do you handle social situations with Frederick when meat and dairy are served?

We are very lucky and have a very understanding family and a great group of friends. Family members understand mostly what not to give him and the alternates to give him instead. When we go to big gatherings with our friends they always make us feel comfortable and make food we can also consume without worry. I also normally serve his own plate so I'm making sure what he is eating isn’t meat or animals products.

Q: Do you have any tips for families wanting to transition into a vegan diet?

Do it slowly, research a lot, talk to your doctor or find a doctor that is more understanding with a vegan lifestyle, talk openly about to friends and family and join support groups especially for when your transitioning.

Q: Do you have any simple, go to recipes you’d like to share?

Lately my favorite thing to cook and is a winner for everyone in our house is Zucchini fritters.
I throw in graded zucchini and carrot in a bowl with cut onion and capsicum (peppers) with corn kernels. Add spices like cumin and paprika. Then add a ½ cup of chickpea flour and mix and you have the best nutritious filled fritters for the whole family to enjoy.